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We believe that feeling better starts here

Guardian pharmacies are independently owned and operated by pharmacists who believe in investing in the best possible patient care. They are united in their pledge to be your local community pharmacy of choice. Guardian has been a part of the Canadian landscape since 1964 and was founded with an unwavering commitment to the profession. Over the years, we have become a trusted name in pharmacy care and have garnered tremendous loyalty from our patients.

At Guardian, we empower our patients to live healthy and active lives by providing personalized, compassionate, holistic care. We believe that Feeling Better Starts Here.

Drop off your Purolator packages as Pharmakeio Guardian is also a Swiftpost SmartHub

  • Outbound shipping (prepaid)
    • Shipments that are being billed to a Purolator account or paid via online shipping by Credit card prior to drop-off.
  • Hold for pickup
    • Shipments that are directly sent to a Purolator location or Agent for pick up by the Receiver (as opposed to attempted delivery to a home or business address).
  • Doorknocker pickup
    • Shipments picked up by a Receiver at a Purolator or Agent location due to a missed delivery attempt.
  • Label-free services
    • Customers can have their shipping label printed at a retail location by presenting a QR Code on their mobile device.

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Michael Proussalidis, RPh

Michael Proussalidis

Owner, Pharmacist

Michael graduated from the University of Toronto in 1992 and has owned and operated Pharmakeio Guardian since 2013.

I always look to see how I can best help my clients: some need a prescription, some are looking for advice, and some just need someone to talk to. Regardless, I want them leaving better than when they came in.

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