Flu Shots

While the common cold and flu are both viral infections with similar symptoms, the flu is a much more serious illness. Learn more about your best weapon against the flu: vaccination.

3 Reasons to Get a Flu Shot

  • The Flu can be much more serious than the common cold. 
  • The Flu virus changes every year; so does the vaccine. 
  • It’s quick and simple.

5 Flu Myths

  • The flu only affects the very young, very old, and unhealthy people: FALSE
  • You can get the flu from a flu shot: FALSE
  • A flu is just a bad cold: FALSE
  • You get the flu from being in cold weather: FALSE
  • The flu includes stomach symptoms: FALSE

Flu Shots are available for those
2 years old and above starting in mid-October

(Seniors are prioritized with the general public being served in November.)