Flu Shots

While the common cold and flu are both viral infections with similar symptoms, the flu is a much more serious illness. Learn more about your best weapon against the flu: vaccination.

4 Reasons to Get a Flu Shot

  • The Flu is much more serious than the cold. 
  • The Flu virus changes every year; so does the vaccine. 
  • The Flu shot protects everyone, not just you. 
  • It’s quick and simple.

Your Flu Shot Helps Everyone, Not Just You

Even healthy adults are not immune to the flu. Getting vaccinated is the best way to avoid catching and spreading the virus.

5 Flu Myths

  • The flu only affects the very young, very old, and unhealthy people: FALSE
  • You can get the flu from a flu shot: FALSE
  • A flu is just a bad cold: FALSE
  • You get the flu from being in cold weather: FALSE
  • The flu includes stomach symptoms: FALSE

Flu Shots are available for those 5 years old and above*

*If you are over 105 years old, please contact us first…